Flex, or
Fit for Duty?

How can employers tread the middle ground with employees who have long term illness?

Thursday 10 February 2022
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm (AEST)









Featuring an expert panel:


Dr Angus Forbes,
Occupational and Environmental Physician
LIME Medicolegal

Dr Angus Forbes provides independent medical opinion to a range of clients from insurers to employers.  As an occupational and environmental physician his expertise in assessing a worker's fitness to safely perform the essential and inherent tasks of their role, assists workers and employers make evidence based decisions.


Jonathan Mamaril
Director, Employment and Commerical Law
NB Lawyers - Lawyers for Employers

Jonathan Mamaril advises clients on all aspects of employment law and leads a team of handpicked experts who focus on providing practical advice to mitigate risk and liability. With a core value of helping first and providing practical advice, Jonathan is a sought-after advisor to a number of Employers and as a speaker for forums and seminars where his expertise is invaluable as a leader in this area as a lawyer for employers.

Lime_DSC_7794 thumbnail Anna crop-1

Anna Linning
Client Relationship Manager
LIME Medicolegal

Anna will be moderating the discussion and questions with our panel of speakers.

With a background in occupational therapy and health promotion, Anna's focus is to provide clear, accessible information for clients and people who use our services.

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What to expect?

During this 1 hour webinar participants will hear about current best practice in managing workers with long term health issues.
We'll be covering topics including:

  • What can employers do to support workers?
  • What happens when sick leave runs out?
  • What are the options available to employers?
  • What is a Fit For Duty assessment and when should employers request one?